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This is the history interface where you can see details about all of the site entrances and conversations.



Every website visit and every chat conversation are saved in Sitehood's secured database.

You can always stay posted about the sites visits number, conversation number, leads number and more and even watch every single message that was sent in the chat.

To view this information, visit the history interface and conduct a search.

Select a site


If you have only one site you can ignore this section.

If you have more than one website registered to your site, remember that you can choose one or more of the sites which details you would like to view. At least one site must be selected.

Search menu

In this menu you can select the date range to be searched in and set the details you would like to search for.

By running several different searches you can calculate conversion rates between the site entrances and the conversation number and more.

Select date


First select the dates.

By clicking on the text box, a calendar will open and provide easy selection of the prefered date, You can also type in the date in the following format: dd/mm/yy.

You can select identical dates in order to display details from a single day or select starting and ending date for a longer period.

Please note that the larger the selected date range, the larger the volume of activity on the information that will be presented. Sitehood recommends selecting a maximum range of two weeks in order to get fast results.

Search results

Search value Description Search Values
Select all This option will display each and every site entrance during the select period. Regardless of conversations or any interaction with the chat, every visitor that entered the site will be displayed in the list with his details.
Offline messages By choosing this option, you can see all offline messages that haven't been read yet. The meaning of an offline message is message that was sent by visitors when the chat status was offline. Note that once you read these messages they will no longer be marked as unread and will not be displayed in the next search of this value.
Unread messages Only unread messages will be displayed. No matter if they were sent when online or offline. As long as the handling operator did not read a certain message it will be displayed in this search. Note that once you read these messages they will no longer be marked as unread and will not be displayed in the next search of this value.
Conversations only Only conversations - Only visits that contains at least one messages. Only manual message from the visitor or operator will be counted. Automatic messages will not count as a conversation.
Minimal length of conversation Filter the number of conversation for the search by conversation only. By the number of messages, only visits that include at least the number added will be displayed. Automatic messages will not count as a conversation. You can thus search for long conversations only.
Two way conversations only This option allows displaying genuine conversations only. It means that only visits including manual messages both from the visitor's side and the operator's side will be displayed.
Marked only By marking certain visitors in the control panel and in the search results, you can filter the display and show only visitors that were manually marked by the operators.
Leads This option is given only to lead system users. With this option you can display only visitors that were sent as leads. For further information visit the leads system page.
History for selected visitor only Regardless of all other search values, after a search is conducted, you can select one of the visitors by clicking on his card and run another search by checking this option. This will display all of this visitor's visits in the selected time period.


After selecting the search values and clicking on the "send" button, the search results will be displayed in a list.

Total results summery


First, there is a numerical display of the amount of messages in this search. You can see the number of visitors and the number of offline messages in the list.

Results list

As mentioned, all results will be displayed under a list, will be sorted by dates and will include visitors cards with information about every visitor much like the visitors cards in the control panel.

The visitors card


Each row shows the name of the visitor, the site he visited, the number of messages sent during this visit, the address of the site he came to this site and the time of his entrance.

You can view more details about the visitor by clicking on the plus button (Plus.png).

You can also check the box next to the visitor's name to mark him and later on search for marked visitors.

Page 1


In the first page of the visitors card, you can see the conversation history if there was one. You can see all messages of this conversation with the time sent just like in the chat window in real time.

You can also see the pages history of this visitor. You can see which of the site's pages he visited and how long he browsed every page.

The lead system users will see the lead form as it was produced by the chat operator instead of the pages view if this visitor was saved as a lead.

Page 2


In the second page of the visitor's card, you can see his contact details if he has filled a contact form.

Additionally, you can see and add comments of operators about this visitor just like in the control panel.

Filter the list


After displaying the results, you can filter the list by several parameters:

  • By agent - Only visitors related to this operator will be displayed
  • By visitor - You can search for a specific visitor by his name
  • By free text - You can search all results for a certain phrase
  • By date - Refine the search by a specific date

Export data


The system allows exporting all entrances and conversations details to a spreadsheet file (Excel).

This is how you can transfer this data to another system and be able to further analyse the business’ statistics.

After clicking on the "export" button, the system will indicate that the file is ready and will display a download link. The file is saved in your computer for later use.

The file is saved in an ".xls" format
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