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Registration to Sitehood takes no longer than a few minutes

To open a new account, visit our signup page in your region and follow the instructions.


Create an account on sitehood system

Creating a new account in sitehood is no different than any other account creation page on the web.
  • Fill the appropriate fields with your first and last name, Email address and phone number - These details are private and won't be displayed anywhere. It's required so that Sitehood's staff will be able to contact you when necessery.
  • Choose a username and a password. You can use only English letters or numbers. You have to insert at least 4 characters - Notice that the username and password you enter now will be required for login in and use of the system in the future.
  • Enter the code displayed in the picture - This code is called a "Captcha".

Make sure you enter a valid Email address. You may be required to verify the e-mail address with a code that will be sent to that address.

Registration form in sitehood

Add a site/sites to the account

After finishing the account creation process, you will be asked to add your website.
  • Add site address - Enter your site's domain without HTTP or WWW!. For example, if your site address is you will need to write only "". Remember that the script you will receive will be active only under the registered domain. Make sure you write it correctly.
  • Site name - Enter your site's name in any language you choose. This name will be displayed in the visitors list so you know which site the visitor is on (if you will manage multiple websites).
  • Choose category - Find your site's segment within the list. If you don't find yourself related to any of the listed, choose "other".
  • Distributor code - Unless you where instructed otherwise, you can ignore this field.
  • Eula - Please read carefully our terms of use. You have to tick to agree before you can proceed.
Add your site to the system
Sitehood's terms of service

Receive a script and add it to your site

After finishing the registration process you will be directed to the script page. It is also available in the setting pages and can be viewed at any time. In the same page you can add more sites and set all the sites settings. You can find more information in the The complete settings tutorial.

What's a script?

Sitehood's script is actually a few lines of computer code that you have to add to your sites code. The script activates the software in our servers and sends information so you can talk to your site's visitors.

Sitehood's script sample:

<!-- Script begin -->
       <script type="text/javascript" defer="defer">
           var sh_siteid=######;
               var scr = document.createElement('script');
               if('https:' == document.location.protocol){
                   scr.src = '';
               } else {
                   scr.src = '';
               scr.type = 'text/javascript';
               scr.async = true;
               scr.setAttribute('defer', 'defer');
<!-- Script End -->
How do you add the script to the site?

You can add the script to the site's code by yourself whether you have access to the site's files or you have a CMS (Content management system). If you don't have any of those, you can ask your web design company or your webmaster and they will be glad to do it for you.

  • For CMS owners:

There are many different content management systems out there which allow adding a script directly to the site's code. It is recommended to add the script to the footer file/bottom banner so it will be active in every page on the site. The exact location of the script is not important but we advise to add it at the end of the code so it won't interrupt other lines of code.

Search for the design section or any other category where you can edit a code of a common component in the site. When you select the appropriate file or location, in some cases you will need to change the view from text to code. There is usually a button named "source" or "HTML" that should do the trick. Then you can add the script as instructed. Make sure you do not add it in the middle of an existing code!

After saving the changes you should be able to view our chat bar in the site and the visitors details in the control panel.

Example of adding the script to an English Wordpress website:

Wordpress is a very popular open source website system including a CMS with full content edit possibilities. With the wordpress administration panel, you can easily add the script to your site with a few steps. In the admin console:

  1. Click on the "appearance" button
  2. Click on the "editor" button
  3. Find the right file - Footer (footer.php)
  4. Break a line (press enter) just before the closing body tag </body>
  5. Paste the script
  6. Save changes

That's it! The script is running on your site!

Example of adding the script to an English opencart website:

Opencart is an open source e-commerce system providing an administration console for managing the sites products, appearance, customers and sales. The Opencart admin console provides the ability to add the script easily with out touching other lines of code. In the admin console:

  1. Click on the system category in the main menu
  2. Click on the settings sub category in the drop menu
  3. Next to your site's name click "edit"
  4. Click the "server" tab (usually the last one).
  5. Paste the script in the box at the bottom with the title "Google Analytics Code" (You can add it at the end of an existing code if there is one already).
  6. Save changes

That's it! The script is running on your site!

  • If you don't have any CMS or anything similar:

You can ask your web design company, your site developer, or basicly anyone who has an access to your site's files and codes.

This action takes no longer than a couple of minutes (just copy and paste).

We recommend sending your webmaster the following text with the script attached:

I'm registered to Sitehood, an online chat system for my website. In order to activate the system on my site, please add the attached script to my site's footer or anywhere that will be load in any of my site's pages.

The location of the code is not so important. The main purpose is to load it in every page of the site. You can add it the same as you would add a Google analytics script.

Start chatting

As soon as the script is running on your site, you can monitor your site's visitors and chat with them. Visit How to use the control panel to learn how you can use the system.

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