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Sitehood gives much attention to the important value of social networking. Sitehood incorporates a number of components that enable to promote the business use of social networking.

Collecting "likes" via chat


Sitehood provides the ability to send a "like" button (Like.png) of your fan page inside the chat.

The option saves you the need to convince the visitor to search for your name on Facebook, enter your page and click the like button there.

The visitor receives the your like button inside the chat conversation and all he has to do is one click.

To learn how to send a like button visit the chat management page

Adding Sitehood's chat to your Facebook fan page


Your customers spend time on your Facebook fan page just as they are on the website. Therefore there is a significant need to provide available service also on the fan page. Sitehood allows adding the chat also to your Facebook page so you can provide immediate response to your customers.

By contacting Sitehood's customer service, you can receive an html page with a chat bar connected to your account and website. This webpage will allow you to add your chat to Facebook. You only need to install on of the many applications for adding html or "iframe" to Facebook and add to it the webpage url.

In addition, you can create a unique design of your Facebook page.

Login to Sitehood with Facebook

Login bubble.png

Wesites visitors like to connect using their Facebook account.

Sitehood developed an app that allows every visitor to connect to the chat system with their Facebook account. This means that the operators will identify the visitors using their contact information on Facebook and their profile picture will be displayed in the visitors list.

As you can see, when opening the chat bar a bubble will appear allowing any visitor to connect through Facebook.

The visitors details will be displayed in the Control Panel including their full name, their email addresses (usually Facebook address) and their profile picture.

Sitehood's Facebook app requests to register only once. On their future visits the visitors will be connected automatically to with their Facebook account.

In addition, Sitehood allows all its users to view the Facebook details of all visitors regardless of the site where they made their registration. So that visitors that connected to the chat using their Facebook in one website will be identified by their Facebook details in all other Sitehood using websites.

It's always nice to know who you talk with and even see their picture.

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